Every year in Fantasy Football there are guys that seemingly come out of nowhere to help your team dominate and then there are those other guys.

And by those other guys, I mean the guys you drafted early who were supposed to carry your team but they either got hurt or they seem to completely forget how to play football.


A prime example of this happened last year with then Cleveland Browns RB, Trent Richardson – a top 15 pick in most fantasy leagues.

After Richardson was traded to the Colts, fantasy owners got even more excited (I was one of them) because now he was the RB in a high powered offense that was primed to score a ton of points.

What happened next however was not expected. Richardson looked slow, was awful and essentially fell flat on his face dashing the championship dreams of so many fantasy owners.

This year has been no different.

The trend continues as we have some Fantasy Surprises and Letdowns that have come to light after the first 2 weeks.

Let’s check em’ out!3

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After attending the DrivingSales Executive Summit last October, we made the intentional decision to relaunch FamilyDealBlog.com with new purpose and vision.

As a part of our relaunch, we set out on a mission to delight our customers and employees with unexpected and extraordinary value.

Almost one year later, we’ve made great strides towards achieving our goals and we’re looking forward to expanding our blogging efforts even further.

Jason Stum, our Digital Marketing Manager, has been leading the charge here on FamilyDealBlog.com making sure we adhere to our mission statement.

Under Jason’s steady hand, we’ve seen FamilyDealBlog.com become a website that’s a valuable resource to our customers, employees and community.

If you’ve followed along with us recently, you have probably noticed that Jason loves to share the personal achievements of his co-workers here on our blog.

From Doug Kropp to Evan Fischbach to Karla Griscom, Jason has gone out of his way to highlight the success stories of individuals of the LaFontaine Automotive Group whenever possible.

Today I’m thrilled to let you know that the tables have turned a bit and I have the distinct pleasure to share Jason’s own success story.

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Things looking bad for your fantasy football team after Week 1?

Maybe you’re in the exact same position I’m in. You lost your game, two of your running backs got hurt and your starting QB was awful (true story).


Clearly things aren’t looking up and you’re now in a nice hole to start the season.

But if there is one thing that I have learned over the years of playing fantasy football, it’s do not over-react, do not panic and do not trade or drop any players based off week one’s results.

This is the classic reaction for a lot of Fantasy Players, they realize that the football season is short and they don’t want to fall too far behind.

I totally understand that and I would just like to remind you that all you have to do is win enough games to make the playoffs!

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret about car dealerships. They’re all the same….except for the people.

The fact is, every dealership in the country is built and designed to let you buy a car and service your vehicle. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty level playing field.

So what makes one dealership stand apart from the rest? The people who work there!

Evan-Fischbach-Secret-to-Success-SocialOver my four year career with the LaFontaine Automotive Group, I’ve come to realize just how blessed we are to have some of the most passionate and talented individuals working for us in all aspects of our business.

We all come from various backgrounds with diverse skills and aptitudes. When you take these individuals and put them together in a positive working environment, amazing things can and do happen.

Not too long ago I told you how Doug Kropp of LaFontaine Toyota became one of the few Toyota Master Diagnostic Technicians in all of Michigan – a rare and huge accomplishment.

Today I’m sharing this fascinating story that recently ran on Bloomberg News about Evan Fischbach, one of our service technicians at LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Saline, MI.

As you’ll see, Evan is truly an extraordinary young man who is blazing his own trail in what some may consider an unusual way…

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Let’s face it, if it were up to us guys, we’d sit in front of the TV for hours on end each weekend watching College and NFL Football while tracking our Fantasy Teams.

The problem is we have wives and kids that need our attention, so unless you’re single, it’s impossible to watch a decent amount of football on the weekend.


And if you’re sitting there reading this and saying, I get to do this all the time…what are you talking about? Congratulations, you’re about to be single.

So what’s a guy to do? You have to channel your inner Bill Belichek and come up with a game plan that relieves you of your family duties so you can watch 20+ hours of uninterrupted football.

Impossible, you say? Not so fast!

Here are a few plays that you can run straight out of my playbook that will help you achieve all of your football dreams.

Note to the lovely and talented Mrs. Sheldon…I love yoouuuuu!

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I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Fall is my favorite season in Michigan. The leaves turn spectacular colors, the cider mills are bustling with activity and the pigskin begins to get tossed around in earnest.

But with the kids going back to school and our lives in general getting busier after a relaxed summer, you can miss what makes autumn in Michigan special if you’re not careful.

So with that in mind, here are 7 things you must do in Michigan this fall so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

1. Take a Fall Color Tour


Michigan Fall Colors in the Keweenaw Peninsula

There’s no other state quite like Michigan when it comes to appreciating the beauty of autumn as trillions and trillions of leaves change color from green, to gold, to red.

Find a free weekend in late September or early October and hit the open road to enjoy Fall in Michigan at it’s best.

If you don’t want to map out your own route, head over to the Michigan.org website and use one of their pre-planned fall color tour routes.

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I get it, I really do. We all love to be the guy that predicts something before anybody else does.

One of the great things about fantasy football is that it gives us the opportunity to step out on a limb and take a chance on a guy that nobody has heard of in hopes that they make you look like a genius by having a breakout season.


Over the years these types of players have become known as ‘Sleepers’ and without a doubt, having a sleeper or two on your fantasy football team is often the difference between winning and losing your fantasy league.

The problem is that because of the various magazines, blogs and websites dedicated to fantasy sports, it’s become more difficult to identify true sleepers.

If you look closely at these blogs and magazines (like I do) you’ll see that each publication pretty much identifies the same players as sleepers.

So the question is If everybody is tagging the same player as a ‘sleeper’, doesn’t that just make them a mainstream pick?

You bet it does!

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Today Last Day Dog Rescue (LDDR) announced a first in fundraising. LDDR, a not for profit animal rescue, will partner with our team at LaFontaine Subaru in Commerce Township, MI to “Stuff a Subaru” during its August adoption event, beginning 12:00noon – 3:00pm EST, Saturday, August 30, 2014.


During the family friendly adoption event, attendees are encouraged to bring a donation of pet food and pet supplies to help “stuff” the Subaru.

Sponsored by NASH 93.1, Costco, Veterinary Care Specialists and Silver Bone Pet Styling Salon – pet lovers and potential adopters will be treated to on-site dog training from Veterinary Care Specialist, tips about the benefits of grooming from Silver Bone Pet Styling and light refreshments and snacks compliments of Costco.

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One of the benefits about LaFontaine Cadillac Buick GMC being located within a stone’s throw of the General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan is the abundance of camouflaged vehicles we see testing on the local roads each day.

Recently while filling up my gas tank at the local BP, I was lucky enough to be joined in the parking lot by this black and white masked SUV.


After doing some research on Google, I’m fairly confident that you’re looking at the 2015 or 2016 Buick Envision.

The Buick Envision still doesn’t have an official release date for North America, but will be making it’s official global debut on August 28th at the Chengdu Auto Show in China.

The Envision, set to fill the gap size-wise between the compact Buick Encore and full-size Buick Enclave, will share the same underpinnings as the Chevrolet Equinox.

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If you want to dominate your fantasy football draft this season, you’re going to have to prepare harder than you ever have before.

But don’t worry folks, I’m here to help you not just dominate your fantasy football draft, but to give you the tools you need to win your whole league.


Unless you’re playing in one of my leagues that is…if you are, there’s nothing to see here. Move along….move along.

editors note: Jeremy Sheldon is the resident eCommerce Guru for the LaFontaine Automotive Group. He’s also one of the biggest fantasy sports geeks that I’ve ever met (he plays fantasy NASCAR for cryin’ out loud). This is Jeremy’s first article covering the fantasy football landscape in a series we expect to run all season long. -JS

The tips that I’ve provided below are directly out of my own fantasy football draft playbook. These are proven tips that I have personally used over the years to win the fantasy leagues that I play in.

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