5 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Car

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October has arrived, and with it one of the greatest holidays to ever start with an ‘H’…….Halloween!

There are many things to love about this occasion: the spooky decorations, eating enough candy to help a dentist retire, the fact that it’s almost Christmas (although, people have been saying that since July).

5 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for your Car

Yet perhaps the most defining part of Halloween, is the large variety of costumes that people sport.

Everyone loves dressing up for Halloween. Whether you’re going as a scary vampire, or going as that adorable Snow White/Prince Charming duo, costumes are a staple of the holiday. What better way to go all out than by dolling up your car for Halloween as well?

Here are a few classic “costume ideas” for your car:

1. The Batmobile, Batman

The 1960's Vintage Batmobile

There have been multiple Batmans (Batmen?) over the years, and many different takes on the caped crusader, but one thing has remained the same: he always had his trusty Batmobile by his side to help thwart evil.

This Halloween, why not give your Altima the superhero treatment? A few cardboard cutout fins, some bat shaped emblems, and you’ll be cruising the streets of Gotham (or Milford) in style.

2. Ecto-1, Ghostbusters

Ecto 1 Ghostbusters

One of the most iconic creatures of Halloween is the ghost; these spooky spectres are constantly causing trouble and ruining bedsheets (just ask Charlie Brown).

Well have no fear: the Ecto-1 is here! Yes, you can dress up your car like the ghost-busting whip that Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and Rick Moranis rode around in.

And don’t worry; you can use something a little newer than a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor.

3. The Mutts Cutts Dog Van, Dumb and Dumber

Mutts Cutts Dumb and Dumber Dog Van

Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn might be the two most lovable idiots in film history, so it makes sense that they would be riding around in a delightfully stupid vehicle.

The “Shaggin Wagon,” more or less a dog on wheels, is the perfect costume if you’re looking to get attention or a chuckle.

Throw some rugs or carpet over your ride, and you’re ready to go. Sure, it may seem stupid, but isn’t that the point?

4. Fozzie’s Uncle’s Studebaker, The Muppet Movie

Fozzie Bear Muppet Movie Studebaker

Wakka wakka! Fozzie Bear has been a hilarious staple of Jim Henson’s puppet dynasty, along with other noteworthies like Kermit THE Frog and Ms. Piggy.

While not as famous, his (uncle’s) multi-colored Studebaker helped Fozzie, Kermit  and the rest of the Muppets take quite the road trip.

As far as the costume goes, it’s simple: take a BUNCH of paint and dump it ALL OVER your car. It’s as simple as that! (Weren’t you talking about getting bored with that dull beige color?)

5. Time Machine DeLorean, Back To The Future

Back to the Future DeLorean

This one is a bit tricky, since to most, the only distinguishable feature of this fabled vehicle (besides being kind of ugly) is the Mr. Fusion tower jutting up from the back.

Well, have no fear! You can decorate the INSIDE of your car, “retro-style!” You can print off a dash-friendly version of the time circuits and, with a little ingenuity (and possibly 1.21 gigawatts) you’ll be ready to hit 88 miles per hour with conviction!

6. Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie the Love Bug

It wasn’t until after this article was published that I noticed a glaring omission from our list.

How could we leave out one of the most iconic car characters from one of the most iconic cars off all time?

Herbie, the loveable Volkswagen Bug and star of six theatrical movies, is the perfect car costume for today’s VW Beetle owners.

Add some red, white and blue racing stripes and the number 53 to the doors and hood and you are good to go.

Got any costume ideas that we left out? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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