5 Winter Tire Myths Busted

LaFontaine Automotive Group —  November 3, 2015

We’ve reached the point of fall where we can safely say we won’t get another 80 degree day till next year (or next week), which means one thing: winter is coming!

Yes, the snowy wonderland will soon be upon us, and that means icy roads just begging to whip your car back and forth like Willow Smith’s hair. One remedy for this traction-less malaise? Winter Tires!

As advantageous as it is to swap out your all-season tires for their wintery counterparts, there are many who try to sell them short. Many winter tire myths are created to justify keeping your old tires on, which are complete and total bullsnot.


Here are some of the reasons people elect not to purchase winter tires:

1. I Have All-Wheel/Four-Wheel Drive

Yes, having an AWD/4WD vehicle is definitely preferred in the winter over front-wheel drive (and especially rear-wheel drive), and will most certainly be useful once the roads get icy, but do not get cocky. Just because you have control of the wheels doesn’t mean you have control of the tires. All-season tires will give you the same grip and traction on a 4wd vehicle as a front-wheel drive vehicle, which is to say, not great. Winter tires will give you the grip to go with the extra control, so you can cruise the icy streets in peace.

2. My Roads Don’t Get Snowy

Few things are more cathartic than seeing the snow-plow man gun through your subdivision in the early morning before you have to go to work. “Perfect,” you think, “I’ll have no problem getting to work now!” Not so fast.

Even though your car isn’t fighting snow on the roads, it’s still facing frigid temperatures. Normal tires stiffen and harden as it gets colder, which makes your morning commute just as hectic. Winter tires stay flexible in icy temperatures, so you have maximum grip. Even the snow plow man will be jealous of your traction (so jealous).

3. I Have All-Season Tires

Yes, I get it. The name implies all-season tires are good in all four seasons. But pump the brakes there.

Because the tires are also designed with summer in mind, they don’t carry the same grip and traction in winter as a winter tire. Plus, if you’re using your all-season tires year-round, they will lose tread, thus becoming even more hazardous on the road. Do yourself, and your all-season tires, a favor and get winter tires.

4. I Am Confident In My Braking

Okay, Mr. Jeff Gordon. We know you can whip doughnuts and do wheelies and jump busses in your car. That’s great. But just because you can drive and brake comfortably and confidently, doesn’t mean you should dismiss winter tires.

The type of tire you use in the winter can affect your stopping time by 10%. That can be as much as two car lengths difference, and in the winter sometimes you need all the help you can. Don’t get cocky; get winter tires.

5. Winter Tires Are Expensive

tires expensive

Perhaps the biggest myth when it comes to winter tires is that they are ungodly expensive. Far from the truth, many fine brands cost about as much as the all-season tires you’ve got currently on your vehicle. Here at Lafontaine, we have a large variety of quality winter tires to keep you on the road, and money in your pocket.

Know any other crazy winter tire myths? Want to clear the air on something you heard from a friend about them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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