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Every year, without fail, there are a handful of top fantasy picks that just seem to struggle at the beginning of the season.

While some people see these under-performers as fantasy busts, often times their lackluster start is simply due to tough match-ups.

TradeOne of my favorite things to do early in the season is to circle these under-performing superstars like a shark circling his prey and then right before the prey can get away…I strike!

That basically means I try and buy low on some of these proven fantasy studs from the year before that have gotten off to slow starts.

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With week one of the fantasy football season over and week two looming, I’ve had a lot of friends ask me what “sleepers” still might be available in their league that they could potentially add to their roster.

sleep·er ˈslēpər (noun): a term used by fantasy football team owners that denotes a player who has yet to make a big splash in the NFL, but has the potential to have a breakout fantasy season.

While I’m always happy to give me expert advice to friends and strangers alike (as long as the person asking isn’t in one of the 11 leagues I’m playing in), I do get slightly perturbed by the term “sleeper”. 7-Super-Deep-Fantasy-Football-Sleepers-2015

Every year dozens of articles are published seemingly every day talking about sleepers-this and sleepers-that. But the vast majority of the time they are all talking about the same players.

Think about that for a second…

If all the popular Fantasy Football websites and magazines are talking about the same sleepers, how much of a sleeper can they really be?!

Because I’m not the type of guy who’s going to lazily rehash what everyone else has said about sleepers so far, I am going to make you look like a fantasy genius by identifying some players nobody has ever heard of that at some point could have solid value.

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Well I’m excited to say that I am back with my weekly Fantasy Football Blog and I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge, tricks and tips to help you win your fantasy football league.

With Fantasy drafts taking place as we speak I wanted to go over a few things that will help you get off on the right foot because a bad draft can end your season before the first game has taken place.

fANTASY dRAFTSome of these tips may sound obvious but I see these mistakes happen year in and year out during drafts. Remember, I don’t just tell people what to do, these are the tips that I follow for each and every fantasy draft I do.

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You have made it through all the injuries, the game time decisions, the tough matchups, the crazy bye weeks and the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived… It’s the Fantasy Football Finals!

Only 2 teams remain and this is the time where the tough decisions make all the difference.

Fantasy Football Finals - One Shot One Opportunity

Better player with a tough matchup vs lesser player with better matchups, top QB vs tough Defense or mid-level QB with the amazing matchup, top QB in a bad weather game or ok you get it….

In my final fantasy football blog of the season I will go over some matchups that could derail some fantasy studs and I will suggest some possible waiver wire gems that could convert guts into glory!

Here are some players that I’m guessing are on a number of teams in the finals that I think may struggle this week due to bad matchups:

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Playoffs, playoffs, you want to talk about playoffs?! Yes I do!

So your fantasy football playoffs are finally here and those of us who were lucky enough to make the field are going over their lineups and making the tough decisions on who to start and who to sit.

Over my years of playing fantasy football I have come across a few things that have helped me win my leagues and I am going to share some of these tips with you.

Fantasy Football Trophy

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Thanksgiving is upon us and that means the Fantasy Playoffs are right around the corner.

This got me thinking about all of the players that I’m thankful for.

Without some of these unexpected fantasy studs I am sure there are a lot of fantasy owners out there that would be in big trouble.


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With the Fantasy Football Playoffs just a few weeks away it’s time to start planning ahead to make sure that you put yourself in the best possible position to win.

I am going to go over a couple things that you may not of thought to do that might just be the key to you winning your league.

For me it’s all about weekly matchups and believe it or not, I take into account teams that play in areas where Winter weather could be a huge issue for your players.

So here’s a guy with good matchups and one with bad matchups!



Drew Brees QB New Orleans Saints :  Week 14, 15 and 16 are most leagues playoffs and the Saints have nice Matchups.

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Well week 9 has arrived and that can mean only one thing, the dreaded big bye weeks are here.

Weeks 9 and 10 every year have a large amount of teams on a bye and that leaves some fantasy owners scrambling to put together a respectable lineup.

Some owners drafted accordingly and will just be sitting back and inserting their planned backup’s will the other 99% of fantasy owners are frantically trying to make trades or are hitting the waiver wire to fill out their lineup.

Have no fear I am here to give you one player from each position to target that might be on waivers in your league.

Lorenzo Taliaferro – Baltimore Ravens RB


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Fantasy leagues are great but there is always the one guy in your league that makes things much more difficult on everybody.  You know what I mean and you know who you are!


There is one in every league that isn’t the commissioner of the league but acts like it and definitely has an opinion about everything, especially trades!

Here are a few characteristics of the famous THAT GUY in Fantasy Football.

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Every year after I draft my fantasy football team I sit back and say to myself “yep, this year is my year!”.

And what’s not to feel good about? I did my research, I feel confident in my picks and the draft website projects me to finish towards the top of the league so It should be a breeze making it into playoffs.

Nothing to be afraid of here, right?

Fantasy Football Horror Story

But then week 1 arrives, and some ominous things begin to happen to my fantasy football roster.

At first I write them off as coincidence and no big deal, but week after week it just keeps getting worse.

Tell me if you’ve seen this scary movie before.

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