How To Make The New Year, A New Year

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The dawn of a new year is upon us, and with it is the gleam and dazzle of so much potential and promise. Everyone loves this time of year because of the opportunities that await us: chants of “This is the year!” and “Everything will be different” run rampant through our minds.

How To Make The New Year, A New Year

Well, that’s fine and all, but not quite how it works.

What I’m trying to say is, 2015 will be exactly like 2014 in the sense that it will be shaped and molded by you.

Many people make new year’s resolutions because they want to better themselves, and because they want to validate the coming of the next year as beneficial.

Some make resolutions because they are looking to put a not-so-pleasant year behind them, and giving themselves these goals is a way to move on.

Whether it be establishing a new work out or diet regime, or setting a book-reading goal, or just promising to better yourself in every way possible, the notion of a new year bringing such promise is a pretty amazing concept.

Great in concept, not so much in execution.

People put all of this effort into their resolutions for a whopping 2 days, and are then content to watch them fizzle away.

The work-out plan is beset by excuses such as “I’m tired” and “I’ll work out extra hard tomorrow.” The diets go so well, until that delicious cherry cobbler sneaks its way into our bellies.

All of these ambitions and goals that sounded so good in our heads, just disappear.

Why? Because people forget that 2015 is the same as 2014: you will only get as far as your motivation and determination get you.

There is this overwhelmingly popular notion that these goals are going to accomplish themselves, mostly because “it’s a new year, new start” or “the promise of a new year will make them achievable.” I’m here to tell you, that’s not true. At all.

YOU are what will make these goals a reality. YOUR drive, YOUR determination, YOUR motivation are the only ingredients that will make that diet real, that new car purchased, that new language learned. There are no magical properties to a new year that will create the drive in you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You must become 2015. You must become the epicenter of your own future accomplishments and resolutions. If you do that, you will get that six-pack set of abs (or five; we won’t give you grief if you miss one!) or master that french language so you can wow your friends and family with your new-found skills.

And if it’s a car purchase you’re interested in, LaFontaine can help you with the motivation to make that new ride a reality.

So get pumped, positive, and motivated for 2015; that’s the best way you can make sure the new year isn’t the same as the old year.



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