Turn Cars in to Cats with Cat Mode

LaFontaine Automotive Group —  March 31, 2014 — Leave a comment

Shopping for a vehicle online will never be the same again, thanks to Cat Mode – the newest feature on FamilyDeal.com.


Cat Mode, which went live today, allows visitors to FamilyDeal.com to change all the pictures of cars to pictures of cats with the click of the mouse.

Jason Stum, Digital Marketing Manager for the LaFontaine Automotive Group, stopped by to talk about this game changing feature.

“Cat Mode is here today due to one simple fact: People love cats on the Internet. You can’t log on to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and not see an endless stream of cute little kitties. It was a no brainer to bring this kind of cuteness to our own website. ”

When asked what the connection is between cars and cats, Stum explained.

“Other than the obvious similarity in spelling? I mean switch out an ‘r’ for a ‘t’ and there you have it. Cars to Cats, just like that. And that’s how easy it is to use Cat Mode, it’s just one click of a button. ”

Mr. Stum went on to explain that in 2013, the typical car shopper would consult 24 different resources and spend close to 18 hours researching vehicles online before purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

Dedicating two full working days to the process of buying a new vehicle would be taxing on anyone. A person can only compare vehicle models, trim level and optional features for so long before they need a break.

“We had over 1 million people visit a LaFontaine website in 2013, which is a heck of an accomplishment. However, we felt we could provide a better user experience to our online guests by giving them a way to take a mental break from the grueling vehicle research by giving them what they want to really see. Cats.”

When pressed for more details on why Cat Mode is a good idea for car shoppers, Stum simply pointed to the chart you see below.


On one hand, Cat Mode makes sense, but on the other it still seems out of place. The question is do consumers really want to get their cat fix on a car dealers website, or should that function be left to social media?

“That’s a great question and it’s one I’ve been asking myself since I began developing Cat-Mode.

I feel that the answer is unequivocally, yes.

It just makes sense for everyone. A guest can visit our website, browse our inventory, take some notes – but at the same time if they start to feel drained or overwhelmed, they can switch on Cat Mode for a few minutes to give their minds a rest.

Once they have a giggle or two and relive a little stress, our guest can then toggle out of Cat Mode and continue shopping for a vehicle – all without ever having to leave our website.”

Stum was then asked what future Cat Mode had in store.

“Well if it pans out the way we’re forecasting, we do have Puppy Mode in beta testing right now. It’s dog-gone good so far!”

Ultimately, it looks like Cat Mode is here to stay. If you’d like to give this feature a try for yourself, head over to FamilyDeal.com today!



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