Kiss The Car Is Back At LaFontaine Chevrolet for 2015

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How long could you kiss a car in hopes of winning it – 12 hours? 24 hours? 48 hours? More?

LaFontaine Chevrolet and W4 Country 102.9 FM are happy to announce the 5th Annual Kiss The Car contest beginning on February 21, 2015.

Kiss the Car at LaFontaine Chevrolet

The rules of the contest are simple – the person who can kiss the car the longest will be declared the winner.

This year we’re expecting more contestants than ever, all puckering up with the hopes of winning a new Chevy Cruze.

How long could you Kiss The Car?

Kim Derksen win Kiss the Car

Last year, Kim Derksen was declared the winner after kissing the car for a lip-chapping 60 hours.

Think that’s a long time?

In 2012, Kara Stone kissed the car for an astonishing 70 Hours!

How long this year’s contest will go for is anyone’s guess, but if you’re selected to be a contestant in Kiss The Car you can bet it will last for days.

How It Works

Shortly before Noon on Saturday, February 21, 2015 – Bubba from W4 102.9 Country will order the Kiss The Car Contestants to pucker-up and place their lips on one of two vehicles.

Once the clock starts, each contestant will have to keep their lips planted on their car with both feet placed firmly on the ground to remain in the game.

While the clock is running, if a contestant’s lips come off the car or feet come off the ground, that contestant is eliminated.

Each hour the clock will stop for 10 minutes to allow the contestants to do whatever they need to power up for the next hour (usually a combination of eating something, downing a Red Bull and using the bathroom).


The contestants need to be careful though with their brief breaks, because if they aren’t back to the car when the clock restarts, they will be eliminated from the competition.

When there’s only one kisser left standing, they will be declared the winner of Kiss The Car.

This year, the winning contestant will win a two-year pre-paid lease on a 2015 Chevrolet Cruze.

Ready To Pucker Up?

If you’d like to be apply to be a contestant for Kiss The Car, you can register online at

Bubba from 102.9 W4 Country and Kiss the Car

For those who won’t be participating in the event, we encourage you to follow along with all the kissing action on our Facebook Page and Website.

Not only can you watch the live stream of Kiss The Car, but you’ll also be able to win exclusive prizes reserved solely for our online audience playing along at home!

Good luck to all who enter and don’t forget to bring lots of ChapStick!



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