Moving On: Kids, Cars and College

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We’ve all had that moment: driving along, and your car makes a noise like a polar bear inside a dryer. We hear it….and ignore it. Or we pray that it goes away. Because we know that, if we take it to get looked at, they may give us that most grim of diagnoses for car owners: you’re gonna need to get a new vehicle.

And maybe we’ve heard that before. And another time. But for reasons near and dear to us, we can’t bear to part with the car. Maybe it’s financial reasons, or maybe it’s a gift your grandparents got you when you turned 16. Either way, it can be tough to let go of such an important part of your life.

Moving-On-Kids-Cars-College-TitleYou’re not the only ones having this sort of problem. We’re in August, which means kids will soon be filing back to school. For some parents, their kids will be going to college. The same kids that they’ve packed lunches for, checked homework for, driven around for school projects and homecoming dances….they’ll soon be off on their own. This can be very scary for parents, and they may not know what to do.

But it’s funny; you can handle both situations the same way…..remember the good times, and move on.

Remember the first time you saw your car? For me, it was a 1999 Volvo S80. The creamy tan exterior, the way the leather seats hugged my body when I sat down in it, the familiar growl of the engine. The more I drove around in that car, the more everything became second nature to me, more familiar.


This is just like the first time you got your kid ready for school: dressing them up as they did everything in their power to make it difficult for you, scampering around wanting to play while you tried making their breakfast and loading up their backpack. That first time you saw them walk into school, or onto the bus, and you did your best to choke back your tears.

Remember the first problem you had with your car? My Volvo got in its fair share of scuffles, but the most prominent one was my dad getting hit by a deer while driving it We thought that was the end for the Tan Stallion; and yet the Volvo kept chugging along.

I’m sure every parent remembers their child coming home with a black eye, or a note from the teacher about their behavior. There was frustration, there was scolding, and then there was teaching and healing.

Remember the weekend trips to the beach in your ride, just as you remember the smiles on your children’s faces as they played in the sand and hopped through the waves. Remember white knuckle driving through a blizzard, and calming the kids down in the backseat with a song or funny story so they wouldn’t look out the windows.

All of these memories are held dear to us, which is why the future sounds so scary. The thought of going out to the garage, where your Volvo has faithfully waited all these years, and not seeing it there anymore can be frightening. It’s the same feeling as having your alarm go off, but having no kids to wake up for school; it’s different, and can leave us feeling scared.

I’m here to tell you it will be okay. Why?

Because you have so many more memories ahead of you.

You get to look forward to seeing your kids come back for Christmas, their first semester of college under their belt. You get to share all sorts of wonderful stories with each other as you sit in the living room around the fireplace, while winter silently falls outside the house.

And for auto owners, you have the pleasure of searching for that brand new vehicle, another companion for you to share in so many more adventures. The best part is, at LaFontaine we have thousands of new and pre-owned vehicles, so don’t worry: your next companion of the roads is sure to be found on one of our many lots.

Saying goodbye to your old car can be tough, just like watching your son or daughter drive away to college for the first time. But with LaFontaine, you can rest easy knowing we’re here to make shopping for your next vehicle a pleasant and exciting experience.

So take a deep breath, feel the cold leather of your steering wheel one last time, and we’ll be here to help you make more memories when you’re ready to move onward and upward.



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