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Pitchers and catchers have reported to camp and I am beyond ready for baseball to return (hopefully it brings the sun and warm temps with it!). As pumped up as I am for some baseball, I am coming into the 2015 season a little less confident than I did last year.

Detroit Tigers arrive for Spring Training 2015

Now don’t accuse me of sitting on the fence, but there are a number of reasons why I am both excited for and worried about the Tigers all at the same time.

Before I get in to my reasons why I think the Tigers will, or won’t, win the Central, let’s take a look at the numerous roster changes that took place this off-season.

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After completing a season long series of Fantasy Football articles, my bosses were so impressed that I was asked to write a weekly column covering the current hot topics of Detroit sports.

At first I wasn’t sure because I’m pretty busy with my regular job, but after minutes of negotiation I decided that their offer of not firing me if I did this was more than enough to persuade me to take the gig.

So now that Fantasy Football is over, I am going to dive right into the Detroit sports scene giving you the coverage you crave in an exciting and unique way.

I had hoped my first post would be about something happy like the hiring of Jim Harbaugh or a Lions playoff victory. But due to unforeseen flag pick-ups, plans have changed!

hitchins call

So as we collectively sit back and bemoan the opportunity that was ripped out from under us by the poor officiating in our recent playoff (fix) loss at Dallas, that got me thinking – how does the Flax Fix of the 2014 NFL Wild Card Playoff game rank among the all-time worst calls in Detroit Sports History?

I’m going to warn you, reliving these 8 terrible calls may make you a little sad and angry all over again, so grab some tissues and a pillow to punch just in case.

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