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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when I tell you that Michigan has some of the worst roads in the country.

Our roadways are constantly filled with dangerous obstacles that we need to be aware of – reckless drivers, construction work gone astray, bears….the list goes on.

Of course the most sinister predator of the concrete is the pothole. Small in stature and seemingly innocent, these little monsters can rise up and rip apart your car’s wheels like a dog rips apart your favorite slippers.


In order to prepare yourself from the enemy that lies in wait, here are a few tactics you can employ to help you in the fight against p-holes:

1. Avoid Them With Care

A very simple way to guard yourself from serious damage is to prevent even running (literally) into one.

If you are on a road that you believe is infested with potholes, be more mindful.

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Winter has only just begun and already it’s one of the snowiest Michigan winters on record.

To help ease the stress of snowy and icy roads, here are 23 tips that will help you drive safely on icy roads.


My first tip is the most important one and if you can follow it word for word, you won’t need the other 22. To be 100% safe when the roads are snow and ice covered – don’t leave the house.

Simple, isn’t it?

But the reality is that most of us don’t have the luxury of letting the winter weather run its course. We have to get out there and go.

So if you must leave the house, for my second tip I recommend not leaving your warm and cozy abode until you are sure the snow plows and salt trucks have had a chance to do their job – don’t be in a hurry!

Here are the rest of my tips for driving on icy roads…

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