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The summer travel season is upon us and right on cue the average price of gas in Michigan is beginning to creep towards the $4 per gallon mark.

While there’ll be plenty of news stories this summer touting the advantages small hybrid and electric vehicles give you at the pump, the reality is that these vehicles aren’t always convenient.

Especially if you’re a family of five…taking a 12 hour road trip to visit the relatives….with teenagers that need their space…who might get a little cranky…see what I’m saying?


So what’s a responsible person to do? You start looking for new ways to maximize your current vehicle’s fuel economy, that’s what!

Don’t worry though, I took all the hard work out of your quest and put together these 6 little known facts that can boost your vehicle’s fuel economy today.

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Spring is finally here and that means it’s the perfect time for a spring clean-up and green-up for your vehicle.


You don’t need a hybrid vehicle to get the most mileage out of your daily driver. By following a few tips, you can make sure you are getting the best mpg possible out of your car.

You see, over time, your car suffers a lot of wear and tear due to temperature changes. If you don’t take care of your vehicle, its condition will begin to deteriorate and your fuel efficiency will decline.

The best way to prevent having to spend more at the gas pump this spring is by maintaining your car. Scheduling a check-up will improve your overall drive quality and make your vehicle more eco-friendly (what’s not to like about that?)

Here are 5 Ways to Drive Green This Spring:

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