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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Yes, you’ve been hearing it for six months, and finally we have arrived at December, home to one of the most popular days of the year (though still a bit behind National Popularity Day).

The colorful lights, the festive tunes and X-mas cheer abounds, and kids crying on Mall Santa’s lap are all awaiting us eagerly.

11 Must Have Christmas Gifts for your Car

……oh yeah, and then there’s gifts, or something……

Just kidding! We all love picking out that perfect gift for someone, to watch them open it up and grin like a big ol’ doofus (the Doofus Smile is a great part of the holiday as well.)

If you’re straining your brain trying to figure out what to get them for Christmas, here are 11 great gift ideas that both you and your car will absolutely adore:

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