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When we went to the North American International Auto Show, one of the first vehicles we took a look at what the updated 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

It was kind of surreal because 5 years ago I was at the Detroit Auto Show covering the debut of the original Volt. Isn’t amazing how quickly time flies?

While the Volt has found a dedicated and very loyal following, I think it had been missing a bit of the flair and style that consumers had been looking for.

I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Lead Creative Designer on the Volt, Gary Ruiz, to learn first hand what’ makes Volt 2.0 different from it’s predecessor.

Seems to me that Chevrolet has recharged the Volt to give consumers more of what they’re looking for and push electric hybrid vehicles in to the mainstream.

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Eco-friendly technology is a new and fast growing trend in the automotive industry. Increasing gas prices and the growing carbon footprint on the environment is prompting a need for change.

The number of Hybrid and electric car users is steadily increasing in the USA. Drivers are opting for vehicles that are more fuel-efficient and kinder on the environment.


Toyota offers eco-friendly cars such as the Toyota Prius Hybrid. It produces less CO2 emissions than conventional cars and requires less fuel to function. Despite the growing popularity of hybrids; many people are still not sure what differentiates hybrid cars from conventional cars.

Are you considering purchasing a Toyota Prius? Here is more information to get you familiarized with eco-friendly car options.

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