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The Family Deal has always been more than just a slogan. For those of us who work for the LaFontaine Automotive Group, it’s as much about being useful in the communities we do business in as it is about helping people buy cars.

One member of our team who exemplifies the spirit of giving back is Karla Griscom of our Grass Root Marketing Team.

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As the 2013 Hartland Chamber Member of the Year and 2014 Hartland Chamber Ambassador of the Year, Karla has previously been recognized for her wonderful contributions to the local community.

Today I’m happy to let you know that Karla is a candidate to be the first ever Hartland: Friendly by Nature Volunteer of the Year.

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On behalf of the entire LaFontaine Automotive Group, I’m pleased to announce that our own Karla Griscom has been named the 2015 Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year.

This isn’t the first time Karla has been recognized by the Hartland Chamber for being outstanding. In 2014, Karla was recognized as the Member of the Year. Now that honor will stand beside her award for being the Ambassador of the Year.

Karla Griscom is the 2015 Hartland Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year

When I asked Karla how it felt to win this award she said,

Winning Ambassador of the Year at the Hartland Chamber is such an honor. It’s nice to be recognized for my time and efforts over the past year. I’m so fortunate to work for the LaFontaine Automotive Group who understands giving back to our community and helping others.

Karla truly embodies what the LaFontaine Family Deal is all about. It’s more than just a slogan. It’s about being useful to the communities that we live and work in. It’s about being a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

Karla goes above and beyond to connect with local businesses and residents, and we couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments.

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It’s always nice to be recognized for your hard work and dedication, isn’t it?

Today I’m happy to let you all know that one of our own Business Marketing Representatives, Karla Griscom, was just named the Member of the Year by the Hartland Chamber of Commerce.


Karla was bestowed this honor on Friday, February 21, 2014 at the Hartland Chamber’s annual awards dinner.

When asked about what makes Karla Griscom stand out from the crowd, Hartland Chamber Director Jana Warford said:

She’s active in all three local chambers. Plus, she’s active with her family and active with her career. Yet, she still finds time – she’s really spectacular.

Karla was surprised when it was announced that she had been awarded this honor for the Hartland Chamber.

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