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Each and every week I flip through my vintage magazine collection and search for interesting bits of automotive advertising to share with you. This time around I landed on this vintage ad for the 1974 Toyota Celica GT.

At first glance you might mistake the Celica for a Mustang from that era – long hood, short deck, 2+2 seating, sporty look and even the use of animal themed badge (a swan).

1974 Toyota Celica Vintage Magazine Ad

When you take a look at the ad copy you’ll see that Toyota’s position in the market isn’t all that different today than it was 40+ years ago.

Toyota has always been about maximizing your dollar so you get the most value possible.

So what do you get in a ’74 Celica GT with an MSRP of $3,569? Check out the ad below to find out!

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Four years ago a tradition was started at LaFontaine Cadillac Buick GMC with an event that we now call the LaFontaine Family Fun Fest.

Local residents and the families of our employees were invited in to the dealership to enjoy a safe and fun alternative to Halloween trick-or-treating.

Each year since, the Fun Fest has been an event that we all look forward to.

LaFontaine Family Fun Fest

Because it has always been such an enjoyable event for kids and adults alike, it made sense to hold a Fun Fest at more of our locations.

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On behalf of the entire team at LaFontaine Toyota, I’m thrilled to announce that Doug Kropp has achieved the level of Master Diagnostic Technician (MDT) from Toyota.

We’re all so proud of Doug for being able to accomplish this rare certification.

Doug-Kropp-Toyota-Master-Diagnostic-TechnicianSo what exactly is a Master Diagnostic Technician and what does it mean to you? Simply put, MDT is the highest level of certification that any Toyota Technician can achieve.

Doug, and all MDT’s, have repeatedly shown the ability to tackle the most challenging repairs on Toyota vehicles.

Think of Doug like you would “Dr. House” (minus the cynicism and narcissism). If your Toyota has a problem that others can’t solve, Doug and the service team at LaFontaine Toyota will fix it when no one else can.

In order to achieve the title of MDT, a technician must:

  • Have 5 years of Toyota service experience.
  • Pass all the ASE certification tests.
  • Pass the same test that Toyota gives to it’s team of field engineers at 80% or better.

Being technically proficient is only part of what it takes to make Toyota technician a MDT. Along with technical skills, MDT’s like Doug must also possess excellent communication skills to effectively work with service advisors, fellow technicians and customers.

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The hard working and dedicated professionals at the LaFontaine Import Super Center in Dearborn, MI would like to introduce to you, our dear customers a term that sums up the experience you can expect when you do business at one of our fine retail establishments.

It’s a little something we like to call #Enjoyability.


On April 15, 2014 LaFontaine Toyota was proud to deliver a 2014 Toyota Sienna Mobility Van to Terey Delisle and the Living Skills Residential Center as a part of Toyota’s 100 Cars For Good campaign.

The team at LaFontaine Toyota felt honored to host this very special event.

Hundreds of deserving local non-profit organizations were in the running to win a vehicle from Toyota, and the Living Skills Residential Center was one group lucky enough to claim the prize.

The LSRC is an assisted living home whose mission is to enhance the lives of people with special needs.

This new 2014 Toyota Sienna especially equipped with Toyota’s Mobility Package will surely help.

When the all-new 2014 Toyota Highlander made it’s debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show, one thing was made perfectly clear:

The redesigned SUV from Toyota was going to set the new standard for which all 8 passenger SUV’s would now be judged.


Sporting a sleek, bold styling and featuring enhanced interior refinements, there’s plenty to like about the new Highlander.

LaFontaine Toyota Sales Professional, Jay Saulsberry, recently went on camera to shoot a detailed walkaround video on what sets the 2014 Toyota Highlander apart from the crowd.

More About the 2014 Toyota Highlander

An all-new exterior design conveys both refinement and strength, complementing a new interior that raises the bar in the mid-size SUV segment.

With three-row seating for up to eight, an array of standard features, a host of available in-cabin technologies, and increased cargo capacity, the new Highlander offers a nuanced balance of style, comfort and utility.

The total package is capped off with three powertrain choices: a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine a powerful V6 with a new six-speed transmission that produces excellent all-around capability, and a V6-powered Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain for enhanced mileage and fewer emissions.

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On Tuesday, April 15th, Living Skills Residential Centers of Newport, Michigan will be taking delivery of a 2014 Toyota Sienna Mobility Van that it won during Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Campaign.


Living Skills Residential Centers was one of 250 nonprofit organizations that were named finalists in the third year of Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good philanthropic program.

To participate in the program, registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations from across the country submitted their stories and how new vehicles would support their work.

When submitting their story for consideration, the L.S.R.C. wrote:

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With its smooth, fluid lines and LED headlights, the Toyota FT-1 Concept looks like it belongs in a futuristic movie set in the year 3,000. But here it is, 2014, and Toyota has unveiled its newest concept car, the Toyota FT-1 (Future Toyota-One).


“Sports cars represent the ultimate driving expression in its purest form” – Kevin Hunter, Calty Design Research President

Alex Shen, Chief Designer at Toyota’s Calty Design Research, is the driving force behind the design of the FT-1. He did away with the usual three key line design seen in most cars – roofline, beltline and fender line. Instead, he replaced the tired old design and went for a more modern form of fluid contours. “It’s all about highlights,” says Shen.

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Eco-friendly technology is a new and fast growing trend in the automotive industry. Increasing gas prices and the growing carbon footprint on the environment is prompting a need for change.

The number of Hybrid and electric car users is steadily increasing in the USA. Drivers are opting for vehicles that are more fuel-efficient and kinder on the environment.


Toyota offers eco-friendly cars such as the Toyota Prius Hybrid. It produces less CO2 emissions than conventional cars and requires less fuel to function. Despite the growing popularity of hybrids; many people are still not sure what differentiates hybrid cars from conventional cars.

Are you considering purchasing a Toyota Prius? Here is more information to get you familiarized with eco-friendly car options.

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