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The New York International Auto Show introduced the world to some bold new concepts and stylish new redesigns; Nissan embraced the latter with its 2015 Nissan Murano.


While the Murano is technically a concept vehicle, it’s important to remember that Nissan creates concepts with a focus on actual production and not just to wow the audiences at auto shows.

You can expect much of what you see here to make it’s way in to the production version of the 2015 Nissan Murano.

Right off the bat it’s clear that Nissan is trying to incorporate the 370Z v-shaped headlights into many more of their future vehicles.

The boomerang-style lights that made their way onto the redesigned Juke and Sports Sedan Concept are evident here on the Murano as well.

Aerodynamic styling has also been worked into the redesign, making the third-generation Murano the most streamlined version yet.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect is a roughly 130 pounds being dropped off the vehicles weight, increasing fuel economy by about 20%.

I’ll be honest here, the boost in fuel efficiency is greatly appreciated. One of the caveats of the current-gen Murano is a somewhat shallow mpg range; with a tune up to the engine and new streamlined styling, better gas mileage will attract a much larger fanbase.

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The redesigned 2015 Toyota Camry just made it’s debut at the New York International Auto Show. One look at the bold, new styling and it’s safe to say that Toyota took America’s Best Selling Car, and made it even better!

It’s rare that a vehicle receives this intense of an update after just three years. That just goes to show how committed Toyota is to making the Camry the best vehicle possible.

Don’t get confused, this is much more than a basic makeover of the current-generation Camry.

The Toyota designers and engineers stripped the current Camry down to it’s chassis and rebuilt it from the ground up.

The result was much more impressive than we ever would have imagined and you’ll be able to see it for yourself when it arrives this fall.

Expressive, Impressive and Bold Exterior


The 2015 Camry’s exterior is more expressive and athletic with prominent character lines. The new car is slightly longer than the current model and features a widened track that gives off a dynamic stance and presence.

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