How to Take Charge of Your Lifestyle Goals in 2015

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Generally, the last week of January is when the gym starts to thin out and resolutions begin to waver. Is that where you are? Don’t worry, its only been a month and all is not lost.

Now is not the time to give up on your goals for 2015. I’m in the same boat, and what helps me out is taking a little time to reflect on what’s working for me and whats not.

How to take charge of your goals in 2015

Once you honestly asses your situation, then can make adjustments to your routines and habits to increase your chances of meeting your goals.

For me, I started by reviewing my resolutions that I made heading in to the new year:

  • Consistently eat healthy and go to the gym regularly
  • Putting down the cell phone and pick up a book
  • Enjoying the outdoors more
  • Budgeting and sticking to it

By reflecting on the progression of my own personal goals, I am able to see the progress I have made (or lack their of) and make necessary changes.

Read on to discover what I’m doing to tweak my goals and maybe you’ll be inspired to do the same!

Eat Healthy and Get Fit


So far, I have been eating a lot healthier. I have cut back on buying processed/packaged foods and making meals with as much fresh produce possible.

For instance, instead of making an egg sandwich with just cheese and whole wheat toast, I add in spinach, red onion, tomato and my personal favorite, avocado!

Adding more nutrients with these colorful veggies help me to be more full and energized in the am.

I’m feeling pretty good about the progress I’ve made when it comes to eating healthier. Nothing really to change here.

What about the fit part? Well that’s still a work in progress.

My big excuse is the short days. Once it’s 6pm and dark out, I feel like the day is over with and it’s time to go home and unwind.

I do manage to get to the gym at least 3 times a week however, once the days get longer my goal is to make it to the gym at least 4-5 days a week.

Read More. Tweet Less.


Since I’m striving for honesty here, I’ll tell you that I have yet to read a book this year (hey, it’s only been a month!) But I would like to say that I have gotten a lot better with putting my iPhone down when I get home.

By deleting the Facebook app off of my phone, that has helped tremendously to free up more time to enjoy a good book!

I know this may not sound like a life-changing resolution, but I’ve defiantly noticed a positive effect from not being so connected to my iPhone.

There have been plenty of studies recently linking social media use to stress and anxiety and I can say that I’ve been more at ease with myself since shutting out social media in the evening hours.

This is something you can try yourself. Commit to turning off your smartphone at a specific time each evening and not picking it up again until the morning.

Do it for a week and see how you feel.

Outdoor More

Outdoor More

The reason why I wanted this to be apart of my resolutions was because I think it is important to enjoy the greatest creation, nature.

Although snow is pretty, I don’t feel all the comfortable going out on nature trails in this type of weather.

Though I would like to get started on this resolution, I think this one will just have to wait in Spring.

Budget, Budget, Budget


A few years back, I used to be really good at budgeting then some how that good habit magically disappeared, right around the time my shoe collection expanded dramatically.

Shopping, going out to eat and pointless spending then became the norm. So this year is the year I committed to get that good habit back!

Even though I still enjoy shopping and dining out, I think more about what I am going to buy to avoid any impulse purchases.

By setting up a budget on a spreadsheet, making weekly grocery lists and sticking to it, these little tasks have greatly improved my buying behavior and savings.

I also must say, this has been a fun challenge. Weird, I know but it has been really enjoyable!

What Can You Do?

The first thing you can do is honestly evaluate your progress. Hiding your head in the sand won’t help.

Take a look back at your resolutions, and give yourself an assessment on how well you’ve been sticking to it.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of credit for the good things that you’ve been doing. Sometimes we overlook the things we are doing well and only focus on our failures or shortcomings.

When you’ve identified your challenges, ask yourself what’s really stopping you. Did you set an unreasonable goal or are you just not putting all the effort you can in to meeting it?

I know first-hand that adjusting to a new routine can challenging. If you’re having problems, don’t be afraid to tweak your routine so it works with you to achieve your goals, not against you.

Have any early success stories that you’d like to share? Facing any problems that you need a hand overcoming? Post them in the comment section below and we can all help each other stay motivated this year and beyond!



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