The Pitfalls of Potholes: 4 Tactics For Dealing With P-holes

LaFontaine Automotive Group —  February 27, 2014 — 2 Comments

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when I tell you that Michigan has some of the worst roads in the country.

Our roadways are constantly filled with dangerous obstacles that we need to be aware of – reckless drivers, construction work gone astray, bears….the list goes on.

Of course the most sinister predator of the concrete is the pothole. Small in stature and seemingly innocent, these little monsters can rise up and rip apart your car’s wheels like a dog rips apart your favorite slippers.


In order to prepare yourself from the enemy that lies in wait, here are a few tactics you can employ to help you in the fight against p-holes:

1. Avoid Them With Care

A very simple way to guard yourself from serious damage is to prevent even running (literally) into one.

If you are on a road that you believe is infested with potholes, be more mindful.

If you have to slow down to react better to one creeping up on you, then so be it. A beeping horn on your rear is much better than a busted tire on your front. Even slowing it down five miles an hour will ensure you dodge those p-holes like the Matrix.

While you’re driving also be on the lookout for puddles. With spring coming up there will undoubtedly be a whole bevvy of them on the roads. What might seem like an innocent little puddle at first may suddenly transform into a rim-bending beast of a pothole, which will no doubt eat your wheels for breakfast.

You don’t need to avoid every puddle like the plague, just be mindful that it could be a p-hole in disguise.

2. If Avoidance Isn’t Possible, Reduce The Damage

If you see a pothole coming at you in your lane and avoiding it isn’t an option, there’s still hope.

Slowing down as safely as possible will help reduce the damage to your wheel. While slowing down will help, do not brake directly over a pothole as this may cause more harm than help.

3. After Contact, Be Wary Of Symptoms

Let’s say a pothole encounter is unavoidable. Let’s say you brace yourself, feel the lurch of the car into the pothole, and come out “unscathed.”

Don’t be so sure.

Even if immediate problems aren’t noticed, you should still get your car checked out if you hit a rather nasty p-hole. Alignment issues, steering or suspension problems, and more can be caused by neglecting the aftershock of an incident.

Being proactive will help you out in the long run; I guarantee it.

4. Something Broke. Now What?

So you did your best to avoid the potholes or safely navigate them, but in the end you just couldn’t elude that pesky p-hole?

Don’t worry! Your local LaFontaine Service Center is here to take care of you and get your vehicle back on it’s wheels in no time at all.

Take advantage of our “Pothole Special” that will save you from the headache that comes with wheel and tire damage.


Our certified Service Technicians will realign your wheels, rotate and balance your tires, inspect your suspension for damage, evaluate the health of your tires and make sure your brakes are in great shape.

All for only $99.95 (normally $199.95).

If you’re in need of our assistance, schedule a service appointment today online or give us a call at (866) 523-6682.

Have you recently fell victim to a p-hole? Share your story with us in the comments section below.



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2 responses to The Pitfalls of Potholes: 4 Tactics For Dealing With P-holes

  1. Claudio Antonio Diaz March 5, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Good stuff. Does the Dealership offer any protection for wheels/tires purchased onsite?

  2. Bobby Lundwall March 5, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    Absolutely Claudio! We offer a Wheel and Tire Protection Plan for situations like that, if you’d like to give me a call at (248) 748-0257 I can discuss the details further with you! ~Bobby

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