We Answer Your Questions About Lease Pull Ahead Programs

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There’s probably not a more powerful car shopping incentive than a Lease Pull Ahead. The mere mention of a manufacturer supported Lease Pull Ahead program is enough to catch the attention of just about anyone who currently leases a vehicle.

What makes a Lease Pull Ahead so attractive for so many people? It’s because this program allows you to get out of your current leased vehicle and in to a new one without some of the costs associated with terminating your lease early.


Our customers usually have quite a few questions about Lease Pull Ahead programs, so we put together this handy FAQ to cover most (if not all) of the questions that need answers.

Lease Pull Ahead FAQ

Q. Why should I consider Pulling Ahead out of my Lease?

A. You may want to consider a Lease Pull Ahead when one or more of the following items are true:

  • You would like to lower your monthly payment.
  • You’ve gone over your allotted miles.
  • You haven’t gone over your miles yet, but you will before the lease terminates.
  • Your lifestyle has changed and your current vehicle is no longer a fit.
  • You are simply ready for something new.

Q. How do I know if there’s a manufacturer supported Lease Pull Ahead Program being offered?

A. There are few different ways to determine if a manufacturer is currently offering a lease.

  • Check a manufacturers website and look for a menu item usually titled “Shopping Tools”. Within that menu should be something that says “View Incentives & Offers”
  • You can also check the website for your local car dealer. If there’s a Lease Pull Ahead available, they are sure to have it posted on their web-site.
  • When a lease pull ahead is available, you may also recieve a call from the dealership you leased your vehicle from letting you know about the program.

Q. How many monthly payments does a typical Lease Pull Ahead program take care of?

A. A typical Lease Pull Ahead program is structured to cover a predetermined number of remaining payments, with a maximum value on those payments.

EXAMPLE: GM recently offered a Lease Pull Ahead program that covered up to 3 remaining payments at a maximum value of $1,000.

So if you were leasing a 2012 Buick Regal, had three payments left and your monthly payment was $325 per month – you would be able to turn your vehicle in three months early and because the total payments remaining is $975, you wouldn’t owe additional payments towards your lease.

Q. Do I have to actually turn in my vehicle to qualify for a Lease Pull Ahead incentive?

A. The short answer is, it depends. Often times the Lease Pull Ahead incentive is just that, a cash incentive. As long as you currently have a lease that matures within a specific range of dates, you’ll recieve the predetermined cash incentive to use towards a new vehicle whether you turn your vehicle in or not.

EXAMPLE: Chrysler is offering $1,000 Lease Pull-Ahead Bonus Cash to current Chrysler lessees. If you have a current Chrysler Group lease—that’s FIAT, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram — and that lease expires between May 1, 2014 and August 31, 2014, you’re eligible for the program. The $1000 Bonus Cash can be applied toward the lease or retail purchase of any eligible vehicle. No Lease Turn In or Trade In is required to be eligible for this offer.

Q. Does a Lease Pull Ahead incentive “stack” with other manufacturer incentives?

A. More often than not, a Lease Pull Ahead incentive will stack with other manufacturer incentives. However, there usually an exception or two to the rule, so make sure you check the manufacturers website for the terms and conditions of the Lease Pull Ahead program.

Q. What if my manufacturer isn’t offering a Lease Pull Ahead but I need to get out of my lease early?

A. A manufacturer supported Lease Pull Ahead program typically happens only once or twice a year. That means there’s a very real chance that you might miss out on your opportunity to take advantage of that incentive.

That doesn’t mean you are out of luck, however. Our dedicated Lease Specialists can still help get you out of your current leased vehicle and into a new one often without your monthly payment going up or being forced to pay early termination fees.

Q. If I take advantage of a Lease Pull Ahead, am I still responsible for excess wear or over mileage fees?

A. Yes. When you turn your vehicle in, you are still responsible for any excess wear and over mileage fees.

However, often times a manufacturer will have also include an excess-wear incentive to as a part of the lease pull ahead program.

EXAMPLE: Nissan recently offered a lease pull ahead program that covered up to $250 in over mileage or excess wear fees

If you are concerned with this possibility, contact us today at (877) 696-5813 and schedule a complimentary pre-lease inspection so you won’t be surprised by any additional fees when your vehicle is turned in.

Q. How can I contact a dedicated Lease Specialist to assist me?

A. Our Family Deal Concierge Team can help answer all of your Lease Pull Ahead and Lease Turn In questions.

If you lease a Domestic vehicle call us at (877) 696-5813

If you lease an Import vehicle call us at (877) 887-9617

Or you can fill out the form below and a member of our Family Deal Concierge Team will call or email you directly.



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2 responses to We Answer Your Questions About Lease Pull Ahead Programs

  1. Does the pull ahead figure into the new lease as lowering the cap cost? How do they recover the amount? In my case I have a 2014 Prius with 6 months payments of 376.
    I got a letter saying they will take my car now and put me in a new one at the same figure.
    36/12000 a year, is that good?

    • Thanks Rich for your comment. If you could reach out to the LaFontaine dealership that you received the letter from and they can give you some additional detail.

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